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Seaforth Dance Co. is AMAZING! My daughter absolutely loves it. - Alisa
Seaforth Dance Co. is fabulous! A gorgeous little school with a family feel. Highly recommend! - Alycia
Patrick is still enjoying it and shows me his new moves! Thank you for making him feel so welcome and encouraging him to keep learning! - Susi
Penelope is really enjoying her class, she looks forward to it each week. We are very happy we found your lovely dance school.
- Karina
Tavi LOVES the class! She now only wants to be a ballerina! Thank you for everything. - Ivonne
Scout absolutely loves dance! You do an amazing job to make the experience for the kids - and the parents - as wonderful as possible. Your attention to detail is incredible, the handwritten cards in the mail, the sticker charts, all of it. Well done. - Aja
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"My daughter loves her dance lessons with Miss Gina at Seaforth Dance Co. As a parent, I really appreciate how caring and including the staff are with students, they do an amazing job of making each and every child feel special.  The staff make the choreography fun and exciting for the children and they thoroughly enjoy each and every class. The environment is always warm, happy and wonder my child never wants to leave!" - Kate
"My daughters (3 & 5) started at Seaforth Dance Academy when it opened. Neither had done dance lessons before, and both girls can be shy in new situations. After their first trial lesson, they both came out smiling and saying they loved it! They have both progressed so well in their ballet class and over the last 6 months have really grown in confidence. Gina and the team at Seaforth Dance Co. have been fantastic in developing confidence and a love of dance for my girls." - Jemma
"If I had to pick three words to describe Seaforth Dance Co. I would say 'above and beyond. It's the little things and the details at this school that amaze me, for example, Karen in reception always makes us parents tea and cakes and the teachers spend time getting to know my girls. It's these little things that make this school feel like home to my family." - Lisa 
"Each week the teachers put in so much enthusiasm and all of the girls adore the staff. The girls come out of class every week with big smiles on their faces and I love that. Additionally, the end-of-year concert was very professional and all of the children really enjoyed themselves. Thanks again to Miss Gina the principal of Seaforth Dance Co." - Claire
"My daughter Talia absolutely loves her ballet class at Seaforth Dance Co. Miss Gina always has a smile on her face and her happiness is contagious! Talia and her friends are always excited to go to class and they look forward to it every week. The skills Talia is learning and her love for dance is beautiful! It is a fabulous community - we are so thrilled to be a part of the Seaforth Dance Co." - Sarah
"We are loving it - Emilia looks forward to her ballet class every week  (every morning when she wakes up, I ask her what day it is and almost every day she asks if it's 'Ballet day'. You've created a really kind and caring dance school that is very accomodating to the little ones ​(and their meltdowns)." - Leah
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